Guild of Dungeoneering


As winter sets in the Swampwood contract with the De’Laneys begins in earnest, as after a quest of Vengeance north of Shieldbreak, business seems to have quieted down quite substantially.

The swamp wood pays well and the guild grounds are now home to labourers and some of their family members set up temporary housing.

There is also a large low log house and the wall around the grounds is looking some what more defensible.

The guild also keeps somewhat regular contracts open with The Twins as this work tends to pay well.

Most recently the guild handed over a ledger retrieved from an assassins chapter house, and assisted with the removal of some red dragon cultists, and ran into some uncanny dark spawn in the on-going investigation of the ‘Spindles’ which seem to be of be of near obsessive interest to Elzar.


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